Sunday, August 30, 2009

So you see, you've got me back again for more
And it seems, your song is in my head this is war
Mystery, how I could feel you breathe me
I was sure you would keep every promise, you would keep every word

Well, I try to put your stories in line but it never adds up right

For every 99 times, you looked me in the eye
you looked me in the eye and swore you weren't lying
Well, I was so blind I never saw the signs
I'm getting out tonight and you're not invited

It's a shame you left me hanging like you did
It was brave but it was much more foolish
Don't you think? Don't you think?
Cause you know I won't be satisfied till you realize

These things are so typical
These things are unforgivable
I'm gone and you're invisible

Don't let me catch you followin'
Don't ask cause I'm not offering
You caused enough of my suffering


I Never Needed You To Be Strong

I Never Needed You For Pointing Out My Wrongs

I Never Needed Pain, I Never Needed Strain

My Love For You Was Strong Enough You Should Have Known

I Never Needed You For Judgement

I Never Needed You To Question What I Spent

I Never Ask For Help, I Take Care Of Myself,

I Don't Know Why You Think You've Got A Hold On Me

And it's A Little Late For Conversations

There Isn't Anything For You To Say

And My Eye's Hurt, Hand's Shiver,

So Look At Me And Listen To Me Because

I don't Want Too, Stay Another Minute

I don't Want You, To Say A Single Word

Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush

There Is No Other Way, I Get The Final Say Because,

I don't Want Too, Do This Any Longer

I don't Want You, There's Nothing Left To Say

Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush

I've Already Spoken, Our Love Is Broken

Baby Hush, Hush

I Never Needed Your Corrections

On Everything From How I Act To What I Say

I Never Needed Words

I Never Needed Hurts

I Never Needed You To Be There Everyday

I'm Sorry For The Way I Let Go

From Everything I Wanted When You Came Along

But I'm Never Beaten From Broken Up Defeated

I Know Next To You Is Not Where I Belong

And it's A Little Late For Explanations

There Isn't Anything That You Can Do

And My Eye's Hurt, Hand's Shiver,

So You Will Listen When I Say

I don't Want Too, Stay Another Minute

I don't Want You, To Say A Single Word

Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush

There Is No Other Way, I Get The Final Say Because,

I don't Want Too, Do This Any Longer

I don't Want You, There's Nothing Left To Say

Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush

I've Already Spoken, Our Love Is Broken

Baby Hush, Hush

No More Words, No More Lies, No More Crying

No More Pain, No More Hurt, No More Trying



I don't Want Too, Stay Another Minute

I don't Want You, To Say A Single Word

Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush

There Is No Other Way, I Get The Final Say Because,

I don't Want Too, Do This Any Longer

I don't Want You, There's Nothing Left To Say

Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush

I've Already Spoken, Our Love Is Broken

Baby Hush, Hush

Yeaaaaah (Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush)

I've Already Spoken, Our Love Is Broken

Baby Hush Hush


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Well 1st and foremost i wanna wish to my dearie frenzies... 'Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak'..Semoga Ramadhan ini lebih bmakna dan dberkati buat kite smue.. :)

So i dunno y i felt so annoyed diz couple of days. Few frenzies said diz n dat. Well did u guys ever noe tat there's lOts in my mind..?? Its hard to tink nowadays cOz im so damn tired of wOrking n studying at the same time. didnt even hv time 2 chill..I might be lepaking wif leeya til 2am but did u guys noe wats in my mind. kept on tinking OMG so many homework n revisions to do..but i oso need sum time-off n tats y went out lepaking wif leeya watching my favOrs bOwling game. it made me hepi seeing my old bOwling frens ok!

Hmm peps asked who am i seeing now..the truth iz..i oso dunno who..haha!! im seeing everyone including my ex or...hmm well he said he never broke off with me so im stil his gf?? OMG crazy. Totaly mental breakdown..but as i said i'll do watever i wanna do ok so back-off!!

Danial Haizriel wuz 1 terrific guy..u guys shud meet him up..haha!! tgguuuuuu... later diz eve my ex said sumthg tat realy annOys me..(ohh not the mental breakdown ex but another person...) wat did he said..?? let it be only me knows..Another person which the mental breakdown were in London for diz whole 2 weeks but.....can u guys imagine he actualy called me every single day for like 3x a day???? wahhahahahhaa...SYOK bak kate nurul... ;p watever pon lantak lah janji i hepi. mls da nk pk byk2 hal mcm2 hal..Its kinda pathetic trying to be nice to other peps but later on self destruct. Better i do anythg tat i like n made myself hepi. GTH with others tat doesnt agree wif me.

hmm im tired..lots of homework but im tired..better off to sleep now..c ya in the nxt wrote-up.. take care u guys on diz fasting month. Drink plenty of water at nites k.. :)


so long

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

its been so long..hmm been bz lately with so much homewOrk n prOblemos. So wat happened for like weeeeeekkksss past huh?? Lotsa thgs happened. Very stupid n bitchy thgs!!

1st: can u see tat post below diz?? tat person serang me!! finally...haha she revealed herself but not as herself but as 'FRIEND' of the victim. VICTIM?? OMG! u cld urself as victim?? haha..u gotta be kiddin urself! Im sory my dear but u r the victim here. U want prove?? i've given to u rite? So we bOth confessed..but wat did u do?? u were threatening to called-off the engagement but did u?? haha..so who's d desperate between us two ere?? i dOesnt even care. I noe where my place iz my dear..n u shud noe it tOo. U've studied so high but unfOrtunately ur brain r NOT as smart as wat u said. Sory to say but u r making urself lOok so damn stupid n DUMB! Relax and patience..tats the key..

2nd: He changed a lot!! sudenly he iz the person tat he used to be. He ignOred everythg tat happened and said 'lantak lah org nk ckp ke marah ke..peduli ape' haha!! totaly WOW! ok no comment for tat. 'I know they wanna come and separate us but they can't do us nothin..Your the one i want and i'm a continue lovin..Cause your considered wify and i'm considered husband..And i'm a always be there for you...........And no one knows..Why i'm into you..Cause you'll never know what its like to walk in our shoes..And no one know, the things we've been through..Can never measure up to half of what i put you through..That's why we'll break through..' huhu so owez sings diz to me aite..?? how meaningful it iz isnt it u said?? hmm...

3rd: im sooo tired with so many hOmewOrks. feels like drOppin off but come on zara!! motivate urself!!!! wats ur goal zara?? be a Dr by the age 30...hmm 6 more years to go but im closer to it..yehaaaaaaaaaa~~

well tats it til nOw.. to be continue...


some things are better left UNSAID...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dear my frenzies..FYI i have decided to advertise diz..

sum thgs are better left unsaid..let time decide... ;p

haha GOTCHA!!! not yet...not gonna share wif anyone yet...

7th JULY

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So i got diz text..hmm i wonder stil hepi 7th july meh?? Dunt tink so.. Usualy i wud b hepi got diz text every 7th july but not nemore.. Another year passed by..clOck iz ticking..tick tOck tick tOck~ but d answer iz stil complicated n unsolved. Maybe it wont b solve.. Tats wat i tink now.. Well... 'hepi 7th July as well dear bestie.Thanks 4 being a good fren of mine thru out diz 9 years'.. Wonder wats d best present 4 my besties huh..?? Maybe a kiCkass session wud b great. Ahahahah!! Last time batting basebOl session + i smashed ur e71 wuz totaly owesome so i tink kickass wud b great!! hmm if smashing ur e71=new canon ixus so kickass=i got a new VAIO pOcket. Waaa i likeeeeeeee~ So stil hv those guts of comin ere?? I bet u wudnt..

Anyway, later diz eve, im goin to Paroi wif Nurul..g usha sumone there..ahahaha!! ya rite! She needs company so im accompanying her..hmm izzit d rite word?? ok watever..

So work as usual...today im finishing my sales region report but..........2cents went missing..shoot! last time 4mills then now 2cents plak..eee i hate numbers!!

get baCk later ya..


renovating + pink panther plan

Sunday, July 5, 2009

So im at momy's castle baCk in Klang..rinduuu sambal ayam mak dara (bak kate Leeya ;p) Well got back but she wasnt home. Owez went missing. Hmm...but as she got back she cook sambal ayam...yummy~ Leeya mau x??? hehehehhe.. So wat a boring nite last nite. As i came home,goshh d castle doesnt lOok like a castle nemore!! Ohh so momy dara iz renovating d castle. Drilling & smashing ol at d frontyard. I wonder where she got ol d money heh?? Waaaa have to seduce her lar so she can gimme more n more advanced!!! weee~~

Last nite i wz waiting for a call.....sumone said 'dunt sleep cOz i'll call u back n discuss bout d pink panther plan!!' Ok so i wait til diz mOrn. I wonder no miscall n neither any text on d screen...So i opened d phone (coz flip fOn lOr) n jeng jeng jeng..... 'sim inactive'.. wahahahhahaha!! no wonder it made no noise..!!! Later on it baCk n so many text n miscall! I tot of gettin' mad coz tat person totaly forget we gotta pink panther plan 2 discuss. Opsie~ sory...

Anyway i woke up so early 2day..Y?? coz so much noizzzzzzeeeee. They were drillin n smashing as usual. Waaaaaaa cannot tahan nemore lor..Wanna go out but momy use my baby neo so hmm..Just goin to kidnapp my brO's genny,sudenly he's gone too!! shoot!! So stay homeeeeeee........

Leeya juz buzz me tat we're going to langkawi on march! weheeee~ vacations again.. So now my vacay schedule wud b.. october (tawau) ; nOv (kuching) ; dec (shud b bandung but im seducing my momy 2 postpone it) march (langkawi) waaaaaaaa so much to spend huh?? So im stil seducing momy to postponed til march or april bout d trip. So we cud just direct from my uncle's at jakarta to bandung..So no need to go twice lor..huhu..paman sugitoooooo ere we come~~~~ aduhh mau pecel tempe enaaaaaakk ya!


Trouble Is A Friend

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trouble he will find you no matter where you go
Oh, oh
No matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow
Oh, oh
The eye of the storm wanna cry in the morn
Oh, oh
You're fine for a while but you start to lose control

He's there in the dark He's there in my heart
He waits in the wings He's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend
Trouble is a friend of mine

Trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe
Oh, oh
And no matter what i feed him he always seems to grow
Oh, oh
He sees what i see and he knows what i know
Oh, oh
So don't forget as you ease on down my road

He's there in the dark He's there in my heart
He waits in the wings He's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend
Trouble is a friend of mine

So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I roll down the window I'm a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend
Yeah Trouble is a friend of mine

How i hate the way he makes me feel
And how i try to make him leave
I try
Oh, oh, i try


badminton + karaoke

So last nite me n d gurls when out to chill.. Chill means badminton + karaoke..haha!! well just karok at Leeya's cribs. So 7.30 we (me,nurul,leeya n sisz lanie) went to tat badminton court. Played like crazee + laughing non-stop..huhu! Nurul played so cuteeeeeee cOz her legs made tat weird pose! ;p So pJa n missy ema were LATE!! Hmm..ok traffic jem..good excuseeeeeee. Later finished d game we went hunting for foodssssss @ nz.. haha so damn hungry everyone heh?? Then straight 2 Leeya's cribs..getting ready for KARAOKE!!!

Fun2..lotsa fun even my eyes barely opened..OMG im so exhausted! I wanna sleep sleep sleep coz tomorow gotta work work work.. So they ol 'layan' feeling, i went off to bed..as usual im owez d 1st went to bed. Dunno y lately cant even open my eyes if after 9.30pm..

Diz morn got up at 7.30 gettin ready off to ofiz buuuuuuuuttttttt...unfortunately me n nurul lost our way back home. Ahahahaha!! Instead of goin subang, we were stuck in exit PUTRAJAYA!!! Shoot n makcik nurul kept on mumblin 'ni smue salah makcik! tnye lg psl wifey2!!' Elooo u yg tnye kot..i tgh sebOk belai rambut kot..ahahahha!! So in conclussssss...both of us 'ronda2 dr gombak-putrajaya-puchong-pJ' wahahhaha!! sYOK!

Now in d ofiz as usual..Sisz kay invited me to watch futbOl 2nite sgOr vs. Myteam..cant go coz Nurul iz not going..gOnna b noring w/out her lOr...huhu..Well update later ya..Gotta finish sum wOrk..

4 million where did u go???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Its past ofiz hour but im stil ere.Hmm..Been stuck doing sales trxn report for d month of june since yester..n guess wat?? Short of 4 million!!! Damn..where did diz 4mil gOes?? Usualy it wont b happening..no2!! Never short hell so huge amount like diz..I tink n Intan oso tinks tat hQ didnt give us d rite report so tats y its not tally..waaaaa come on lar..4mils its not ciput ok...!! So as i wuz stuCk doing it Intan said 'lets jom g mkn roti canai kt faris' I wuz like...haa cool..jom2!! Sudenly........my tL 'awien please stay 2 help me clear up the restriction profiles..' waaaaaaaa again...~ So intan went along wif mala n jun only...waaaaa again n again sumore! My eyes cant opened nemore la wehhh! Brain start 2 makin' drift..hukhuk~

OK2 so change topic.. I went out for lunch wif Leeya. Ngulor jap lar..huhu~ gosips2!! So tomorow shoot playin badminton but sumhow she have to work on saturday..n so did i! I wuz just been informed..Damn! But okla..wOrk iz mOney..mOney iz otw to me gettin' SWIFT~ waahahahhaa!! Cool huh?? So Nurul have confirmed tomorow she'l be joining d game.waaaa syOknye..n off course pJa n missy Ema wud b around tOo.It's been so long we ol (i mean ol d gossips gurls) didnt hang out havin fun 2getha. Cant wait for tomorow..but Leeya dunt forget my shoes n sOcks ya!! hehe..so malas mau blik klang amik lOr.. ;p

So d other story happen 2day wuz....... fraud been calling2 n smsing me which i ignored but 2day he totaly cross d line by sending me diz text:
'Heyy u..mne u mhilang nih? my cl lgsg xnk jwb,my msg pon da xrep? u hdp lg ke x? yg suke mhilang nih apsal????!!!!'
So he totaly cross d line by sending me again tat word which iz 'MENGHILANG'.. n with me full of fire in me totaly berapi!! replied:
'never once i questioned u MENGHILANG. NEVER ONCE! never asked n never said anythg bout it. So who r u to questioned me like tat? Its MY LIFE. U sape? I sape? Bare tat in mind'
Iz dat cruela?? I dont tink so..Ohh for GOD sake please lar. U were my besfrens since skOol ya n forever i tink so..(stil inconsideration). Dunt say 'jgn ckp mcm tuh. i xsuke u nk persoal sape2 skrg ni..im stil d same me n so do u'
Walawehh u stil hv guts to say those????????? wtf im MAD u noe!! u noe y?? coz u're loosing ur mind like waaaaaaaaay too far now. But in the end he said 'I'm sorry for being so sensitive okay..its just sum stupid misunderstanding. Thanks besties for being u as usual mengamok sakan'.. wahahahhaha well ekceli he called i wuz shouting like fuCkin' so tense to tat fraud. Haa now u noe lar im not sumkind a gurl a.k.a ur best ever bestfriend (tats wat u called me aite??) u can treat stupidly.. Urhh wat a JERK! Y does jerk ever exist in diz wOrld???? Buat semak jek bak kate sunia..
Ok so nOw im cOol..so relieved typing ol those stupid thgs..Let d whOle world noe how JACKASS u r..Opsie~ sory for d bad langua even u'r my besties..huhu~

to be cOnt....


blackberry oOo blackberry

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Like 2pm gotta cl from d receptionist..'Awien got flowers for u downstairs tat need ur sign...' HUH?? Who sent me flowers...??? walawehh~ So i went down n from outside d door i can see a bouquet of flowers wif 1 guy standing waiting for me..huhu.. 'So diz iz awien..awien he needs ur sign,i cant sign it for u..' 'sure for me?? i asked tat guy.. Ok so i sign n got back up to my desk..From far mala ...'wah fraud ke hntr?? sape2??' Hmm..so i opened d card n written my one guy i knew long time ago..'sharizal' OMG!!! Well he actualy asked for my address diz morn but said wanna add-up my addres in his blackberry..da!! diz iz totaly not a blackberry okay?!

Here's a real blackberry looks like..

And u sent me...

Thanks btw but stil my heart iz not open for anythg my dear.. My 'HEART iz TEMPORARY UNREACHABLE'

Goodluck in doing watever it takes for u in winning a woman's heart.. ;p


massive drops in blood pressure

Well it's 1st of July. Usualy im so damn busy today infact i am busy!! So today i got to settle bonuslink report n sales report n cashcard report but....i just finished doing bonuslink report. Thank God it has been sent out. Now stil running for sales trxn but from like 8am stil 'NOT RESPONDING'. shoot!!! 12pm gotta submit ya! shoot2 again!!!

Anyway, yesterday i had like a massive blood pressure breakdown. haha!! Finally i felt d urge of shuttin my brainz off. Well felt like blurry since 2 days ago but hmm ok maybe its just the stres of gettin out from diz envi. Hmm..ekceli i do like workin ere..sumtimes i mean..Not when d finance a.k.a john n shaz kept chasin me wif stupid arguments. HALOOOO i might be NOT takin finance or biz but i noe im doing my job cOrrectly which iz at diz point im forcing my brilliant brainzz just to satisfied u guys!! da!! Ok so back to d real thg, so my bP wud be around 50/40..haha!! Cool huh?? Well my last visits to d dOc had reminded me tat i cud collapsed anytime coz of my bP..so there u are. Gotcha~ So 2day gonna take d pills at my leeya. Stil i wish i cud mc 2day but job comes 1st dear bOss. Aih 2morow im off out from d ofiz.haha!!

So gOtta cont my work lOr..be rite back ya!


saturday oOo saturday

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So saturday it iz n im working?? OMG!! wat a life! Last nite went to watch Transformers..Absolutely 10* movie!!! U guys shud go n watch it. Be back around 12++ then chit chat wif my house mate, later sleep2.. Woke up around 8.30am then ready for work. Only me n Poh yOke around. Intan n Gabby went missing??? huh!! KEJAM!!

Done wif my work so later wanna chill wif Leeya @ MV..huhu GOSSIPS!!! wahaaa syok nye.. Got hot stuff gosips! Hmm..stil tinking wat 2 eat later. Last nite i went to Chili's break fast. Cool & FULL!! huhu.. No more Chili's 4 2day but Leeya iz craving for Big Apple..mokchai!! Well lyn je lar janji prt kenyang..

Well gOtta go ya..Update back later


lousy meeting

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It wuz a lousy meeting i had in d morn. Damn Intan wasn't there 2 back me up.wahahaahha!! sadis~ Later sudenly the bos said....maybe all the end-to-end process shud the sasu a.k.a ME run it. Its the best..walawehhh the best u said??? Nooooooooooooooooooo.. so aftr finished the meeting, i went out n said im gonna quit!! huhu~ Rite on time pJa called asked if i wanna that job in biomechanic dept..ok so i'll try to apply for it lar..pray i will get it.. ;p

So my Gucci Tote has arrived. Cool!! So damn hepi n if momy knew bout diz she wil go...'awiennnnnnnnn!! ko nih x abis2 beg beg beg..!!!' ehehehehe...chill mak dara chill~ ;p
Well k.intan said iszit the fraud sent me those bag..huhu..no2!! sum1 else did..Opsie~ maybe its the twins?? or maybe its my fwb?? or maybe cinos?? wahahahhha!! secreto but its a perfecto bag.

Wat else heh?? Ohh im fasting 2day. n i miss msak asam mak dara...wahhhh ibu~ nk masam asam ikan parang kaw punyaaaaaaa!! rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..hukhuk~

ok tats it!! time 2 go home 2 break the fast...adioOoos~

jade went missing

Monday, June 22, 2009

OMG!!! my jade bracelet went missing!! but....got it back..huhu.. Im so grateful tat i found it baCk which iz in a stupid situation. So here gOes d stOry..last friday i went for my asar prayer as usual..so i put aside the bracelet wif my watch. So the eve went as usual..As i got back to home, i noticed tat i only had my watch but where's the bracelet?? OMG!! So later tat nite went back to surau at d ofis try to find it but it wuz a waste...hmm...waa so sad u noe..

So.......juz now i went down to d ops dept..sudenly jeng3..my fren talking bout a bracelet she juz gave to bibik!! wa!! tats mine!! So the bibik had my jade bracelet?? OMG!! I quickly ask tat gurl to tell bibik its mine!! mine mine mine!!! Then laer..bibik came and gave back the jade bracelet..huhu Thank GOD..So now got back the jade bracelet + a new one frm cik ema..Thanks! ;p

baCk tO be a student!!!

Lalalalalala..im officialy baCk as a student! chop,stamp n sealed as UiTM 2nd Degree student. walawehh UiTM dhatiku lg siot..watever~~ Takin' Master in Science majoring in Sport Science. huhu so d clasz wil start on d 11th July. And guess wat.....?? I've bOught a new Gucci bag tO clasz..Wahahahahaha!! syOk! n oso banckrup again......Next im gOnna buy a new netbOok as my lappy being so urhhhh!! huhu..So nOw im stil dOing sum eyes work lOoking for new netbOok. Any sugestions...???

So hOw wuz d weekend?? blast i tink.. Friday nite been chillin' wif alOng, ayie n few bunch new frenzies @ Rasta..til like 3++am kOt...huhu gelak saje main teka teki,dOrg lyn shisha,aie lyn jiwe n sakit mata nye,alOng lyn org..i lyn twins smbil2..huhu~ But d best thg iz..otw tat nite..fraud called n he heard guys voice so he juz like 'angin' gile babs..wahahaha!! so he said he's JEALOUS?? OMG!!! Im S.I.N.G.L.E ok....?? So wth shud he b jealous huh?? Ridiculous reason he gave me..WATEVER~~~ Talk to my hand..haha!!

Then Saturday nite went tO Leeya cribs.. She cOoked so well lately..me n pJa's tummy had ALMOST..i repeat..ALMOST ok not same..as leeya's tummy..OVER kenyang..huhu.. Then aftr dinner ape lg jd ular lar..huhu..then g main badmintOn. Me juz played like 1 set then cannot go anymOre..not fit enuf n oso not talented enuf lor..Then sudenly d twins beep..ok better go lyn twins than lyn badmintOn which i am sooooo not talented to play! Overall im hepi cOz da lme x gelak sakan wif my gurlfies.. I L U..~

Sunday..my baby neo wat hal..huh!! mlayang gak ar weit..siOts btOl..Later went out wif momy n adiks tO kL. She needs to find her thgs at jln tar so im d driver..aihhh ok..B home at 7.30..Then sleep at 9...huhu..so tired.....

Hmm cant wait wats the next week plan..please no work...cross my fingers..pleaseeeeee....


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Devilicious~ haha!! my besties gave me tat word. Cool huh?? Y..? cOz im back being from an Angel to The Evil Queen of Revenge..wahahahaha!! I lOike (bak kate leeya...)

Had a tremendous lousy weekend..went out clubbin aftr like yearsssss stOp thOse thgy. Y?? Coz stress yg amat kot then ade org seduce utk mnyakitkn ati org lain a.k.a FRAUD!! ahaha.. well in conclusion, mission succesfuly accomplished! I had lotsa fun buat muke org tuh pucat lesi mcm nmpk antoo. syOk! then ape lg eh leeya?? wahahahha biarlah rahsia.....yg pntg puas gile jd devilish blik.

Well been like a week ++ kot website dOwn so cant do any work..In conclusion, BORED!! Preparing my Master registration. Bancrupt like almost 4k?? OMG!! Have to wOrk like double triple so tat bOle cover back kebancrupan ku..haha!! wat a language!

Anythg else to jote?? Hmm..i dunt tink so.. to be continue lah..ngntOk yg amat nih bile xde keje..


All Cried Out

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All alone on a sunday morning
Outside I see the rain is falling
Inside Im slowly dying
But the rain will hide my crying, crying, crying
And you
Dont you know my tears will burn the pillow
Set this place on fire
cause Im tired of your lie
All I needed was a simple hello
But the traffic was so noisy that you could not hear me cry
I gave you my love in vain
Now Im all cried out, over you.
Cryin over you, yeah
Never wanted to see things your way,
Had to go astray
For why was I such a fool (why was I such a fool)
Now I see that the grass is greener
Is it too late for me to find my way home,
How could I be so wrong?
Leaving me all alone
Dont you know my tears will cause an inferno
Romance often fades
Why should I take the blame?
You were the one who left me neglected
(so sorry baby)
Apology not accepted
Add it to the broken hearts you've collected
I gave you my love in vain
My body never knew such pleasure,
My heart never knew such pain
And you
You left me so confused
Now Im all cried out
Now Im all cried out
Over you

It's 9th June

Heyy it's 9th June oredi..hmm..last 2 days were disaster. My phone kept ringing and sms kept coming in. Y?? haha..Dearies frenzies asking me qs tat i cudnt answer!! 'wat happen awien??' 'da tgk lom pic kt fb??' 'ape mslh korg b2 nih tetibe je' 'ape da jd??' 'celake nye tuuuuttt' and x abis2 wat happen wat hapen wat happen...........!! Stress tau x??? STRESSSSSSSSSSSS..

So i've tried my best not to tink..not even the day b4 it happen..on the day n after it. But y does everyone kept asking? I noe u guys were being such a good fren by asking me but do u even have a piece of heart understand tat my heart iz broken when everyone kept asking the qs tat i myself cudnt answer n accept it. I am being so strong. No tears have been out thru diz time. Y?? coz im strong enuf to face it iszit? Or its just i noe tat tears are invalue at diz moment..Naaahhh.. It's all wrong. I wanted to cry..Cried out loud but i dunt noe y i cant. Not even a tear drop came out. Walawehh im strong huh?? I hope so..

While listening to 'All Cried Out' i wish im crying all out now...ahhhh damn y y y???

A week later...still stressing

Friday, June 5, 2009

Counting....counting for wat ya?? huhu..Few wud noe..tomorrow wil be it. A happy moment..but it wasnt a happy day for me instead its for sumone else..Wishing tat person a joyful days ahead after tomorrow. But y.....?? Stil kept asking me 2 chase those pavements when u noe tat wasnt the place i belong to be...? STOP IT!! Juz in a glimpse u cud be so annoying..u made me sick. Go away please..go.. Marked my words..'what goes around comes around dear..'

So work were crazee. New JD on the corner. Bunch of reports to be run wif datelines on the table. Damn its so stressing................HELP!!

Out of mood mode. Yes im so outta mood diz few weeks. Y?? coz of those thingy i've mentioned earlier...pleaseeeeeeee go away........................every1..go2!!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've made up my mind,
Don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong, I am right
Don't need to look no further,
This ain't lust
I know this is love
But, if I tell the world
I'll never say enough
Cos it was not said to you
And that's exactly what I need to do
If I end up with you

Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there
Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements
Even if it leads nowhere

I build myself up
And fly around in circles
Watin' as my heart drops
And my back begins to tingle
Finally, could this be it

Or should I give up
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there

Should I give up
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place should I leave it there
Should I give up
Or should I just keep on chasin' pavements
Should I just keep no chasin' pavements
Ohh oh

Life Is Wonderful

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It takes a crane to build a crane
It takes two floors to make a story
It takes an egg to make a hen
It takes a hen to make an egg
There is no end to what I'm saying

It takes a thought to make a word
And it takes some words to make an action
And it takes some work to make it work
It takes some good to make it hurt
It takes some bad for satisfaction

Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
Ah la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la

It takes a night to make it dawn
And it takes a day to make you yawn brother
And it takes some old to make you young
It takes some cold to know the sun
It takes the one to have the other

And it takes no time to fall in love
But it takes you years to know what the love is
And it takes some fears to before i trust
It takes those tears to make it rust
It takes the rust to have it polished

Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la

It takes some silence to make sound
And it takes a loss before you found it
And it takes a road to go nowhere
It takes a toll to show you care
It takes a hole to see the mountain

Ah la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la life goes full circle
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la life is meaningful
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la life is meaningful
Ah la la la la la la life is full of
Ah la la la la la life is so full of love
Ah la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life is meaningful
Ah la la la la la life is full of
Ah la la la la la life is so full of love

juz got back

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So i juz got back from Tioman Island wif bunch of psychos..Crazee but very much fun. I might say we all were having a great time release all thOse stupid stress n crazee wOrks in our lives. Suposedly we travel on d Thurs nite but due 2 sum time & wOrkin prObs so i end up chillin n freezing in d cinema watching wOlverine wif my girls n karaoke til 3am?? wahahahhaha!! cOOl! Anyway we start our journey at 8am from pJ direct 2 seremban then next stOp iz muadzam shah then end at tg gemOk. So the story begins.......we arrived around 2++pm but unfortunately n disasterly n sueeeeyyyyyly the ferry didnt arrived in time..We have 2 stay n wait n wait n wait sum more til like 8.30pm. Its NITE oredi ok!! damn we were tired of waiting. So the ferry was not so fast...using 1 fan so wat do u expect huh?? Finaly we arrived around 12.30pm at salang pusaka. Weird name but hmm okla. My eyes were so closing up n my bosy r dying 2 c the beds! Went 2 d ruum,change niteys n walaahhh gudnite everyone~

Day 2: Woke up around 8 then had my nasi lemak. Hmm not bad lah the ns lemak..Then frenzies starting 2 call-up lets go 2 d beach so i changed n jom2 lets go!! ahahahahha..spent time til noon n when i got back 2 the ruum i wuz like 'damn! theres no sun but im so sunburned????...abisla aku nk konvo....'haha!! naah its ok the sunburned cOz i realy had a great time..After lunch we went 2 the jety fishing n phishing....hehe~ round2 the area which iz not so big 2 make my feet felt tired. so i went back 2 d ruum thinkin..'hmm layan greys anatomy lar jap...' but end-up i slept til 8pm!!! Went 2 dinner, had a futsal session which those psychos,quizzing n squezzing..huhu..lOts of fun.. well we were planning of having the island trip 4 d next day..wOnder shud i go..im sO tired n ekceli im more into juz sleep in the ruum..huhu wat a waste huh if im in tioman but im sleeping all day long..so okla i go.........

Day 3: Woke up around 7.30..shower then bfast time..ns lemak lg...aihh blemak2 ler.. then head straight 2 d beach juz lying down listen 2 d sound of the wavery. Honestly sumtimes i felt so relax but sumtimes i realy hate it. It made me remembered of sth tat i realy hate. So 10am i went back 2 my ruum getting ready 4 d island trip. 15 of us join while others snorkling on their beds! gOod job guys! Cut it short..it was a great experienced i had back there on the island trip. Met sum1, nice person n he's been great. Thanks ya! u know who u r.. Later tat nite we had our dinner..and again thanks 2 d dinner..huhu..n again thanks 4 d beach walk..

Day 4: wawawwa its time 2 go home lOr..i wish i cud stay a lil bit longer but maybe i'l drOp by later wif my leeya. She's been dying 2 go 4 d island trip..So leeya, gear up,we're going there soon...ahahahhaha!! but wait til i checked back my planner lOr..hehe.. sO we depart around 3pm then arrived safely at tg gemok around 5pm..quite fast huh?? then my bro drive til keratong. We stop by there 4 dinner then i drive back to klang. So damn tiring....but it wuz a fun n memorable trip. Wish the next trip wud be a lot better...


Friday, April 24, 2009

Its friday oredi.. Never tot it wud came diz short. I've been not in a good mood 4 diz entire week. At last my besties accidentally slip out who made the cruel thg 2 sum1 tat shud've known. hahaha!! YES i am so relieved. Y?? cOz there's burden in my chest tat shud b out 4 so many times but i cant bear 2 hurt the feelings of those people. But..i guess tats the best way for me to move on and forget how cruel tat person treat me. Remember..'wat goes around comes around dear..' Am i mad? yess definitely! Am i angry? Totally!! Am i sad? WTF shud i b sad? My anger r beyond ur stupid imaginery. But...its ok..i've let Allah decide for tat persons' done. Ok lets leave those behind..Dunt wanna tink or even remembered those cruel nasty shits thgs!

So 1 day i've decide 2 move on..move on?? Hahahahhaha..so i tot it wud moveeeeee on. Guess im wrong. Izzit the timing or izzit sum fake empty words or izzit juz me? I cant answer tat.. Only tat person got d answer..Sumtimes maybe its hard when we were hanging wif uncertainty decisions. But cant u even wait?? Guess u cant....now i realize those were juz ur fake empty words..meaningless..

Nitemares..got those in like 3days straight ahead?? Its been a while since i've got those nitemares. Dunno wats wrong..maybe im too stressed out or maybe im juz soo damn tired wif everythg tats been happening. Gosh i need a break..ahhhhhhhh!!! Hope everythg juz fade away.. Maybe i shud be continuing my old piano n violin lesson. At least it cud use my spare time so i cud b so damn busy n tired..hahahaha!! Gosh i realy missed playing those violin again..maybe tat wud do best..huhu..yeszaa got d idea oredi.. Happy Instrumenting~

adiks' big day

Friday, April 17, 2009

21st March 2009..my 2nd bro a.k.a adiks were engaged on diz sweet day. Im so hepi for him n....i made those in da pixa. Simple n sweet juz like his fiancee.. We had a great time back in penang. Even its kinda far far away..but it wuz a fun trip. Next day after d reception, we went 2 d Island hunting 4 anthg tat cud be hunt..haha!! hmm i wonder where i've put the pixax of the hunting trip....... 

my worst ever 24th big day

It have been long time but stil i wanna share the story...a story where i had like 1 day major depression n there wuz my besfrens came 2 cheer me up. well 1 of them r missing! nurul wuz missing from the scene but its ok..she had been wif me the whole entire nite stayed beside me while i wuz crying..thanks 2 ol of my besties leeya, nurul n pJa..ohh n siz lani as well ;P .. thanks 4 d karaoke enjOyment.. I realy love u guys so much coz u guys r the frens tat cried when i cried n laughed when i laughed.. it wuz my worst birthday ever but u guys made it wonderful by being my bestfriends!! muaCckksss~~ ohh n p.s: i look like SHITS!

ZARA back in real..

After a while i've been shutting myself into a very big clOset. It felt so goOd spending much time alone thinking wat supossed to be done in diz life. I've been hurt quite bad..really bad. But enuf iz enuf.. Tats it!! No more missy nice zara..From now on im so back on my feet wif new me. Set my goal oredi.. ' I DONT EVEN CARE!' ahahhahaha!! CoOl huh?? i've deleted my old blog cOz its juz a waste of time spending time blogging when peps tat i trust kept stabbing behind my back. Shit! tats wat i call to those losers. Enuf said..i've had enuf. From now on im juz gonna be me. ZARA!! i dunt care bout others to tink, dunt care bout others to feel. i juz care bout me juz me!!

Anyway..i realy missed the old blog cOz so much story n gOssips in there..But its ok, i'll try 2 make diz new blog as simple as i cud n as interesting it can be compared to the old blog..haha!! happy bloggin'