Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello Angels! Greetings from outta space uolss :D

Well just been sitting chilling having a glass of cranberry juice with croissant. Yeaa I must admit, what a bad combination of having juice n croissant. Heheheee.. I was watching an online Korean drama series earlier before n was pretty much interested with what one of the actor said. "Reading is not a hobby but its a life necessity" ... I must agree that reading wasn't supposed to categorized as 'hobby'.. Somehow, we must know that we need to read in order to gain knowledge. Not only that, reading is like a compulsory before doing anything. Simple life example was... Buying things in the market, we need to read the label first before buying. Simple isn't it?? Heheehee..

For me.. I lourve reading from childhood. But i have to admit that calculation wasn't my thing at all! I'd prefer reading.. Thats y i took most of reading subjects coz alhamdulillah, im easily to memorize things, facts n notes. I can memorize full 12 chapters in just 2 days! Ohh okay im bragging.. Bluueeekk.. Anyway, the good thing in reading is that we may gain a lot of new experiences. Knowledge? Undoubtful! Thats the main thing. Did u all know while reading, our impulses and nerves are working really hard. See! Reading makes our brain n head n everything in our body system works efficiently! So let us start taking reading as our main priority in daily routines. And of course, do enjoy reading coz reading with a stress head may lead to migraine!

Enjoy reading uolss!!

Till then..



Friday, December 23, 2011

helloo Angels.. wow! it  has been such a long time. As i was having a cup of hot tea in this winter, looking n googling what to do today.. i just wonder.. another week to go and i coming home..coming home..tell the world that im coming home................. :P

seems that christmas preparation here are quite happening than last year. sale everywhere! yeaaah but no shopping for me.. hukhukk.. no more money for hanky panky shopping thingy. but i do get a new maroon winter coat here! Ooopssss

Alhamdulillah.. praise to Allah for His precious gift for me. gonna be a new year full of challenge! my prayer that im gonna be tough on my new journey.. what iszit..?? SUPRISE! gonna update bout it once im back! :D

super duper crazy n busy month for me! no time to chill at all.. well hopefully January 2012 gonna be easy for me InsyaAllah...

well gotta go now! battery running out