Monday, June 28, 2010

di sini aku masih sendiri
merenungi hari-hari sepi
aku tanpamu, masih tanpamu

bila esok hari datang lagi
ku coba hadapi semua ini
meski tanpamu oooh meski tanpamu

bila aku dapat bintang yang berpijar
mentari yang tenang bersamaku disini
ku dapat tertawa menangis merenung
di tempat ini aku bertahan

suara dengarkanlah aku
apa kabarnya pujaan hatiku
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya

suara dengarkanlah aku
apakah aku slalu dihatinya
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya

kalau ku masih tetap disini
ku lewati semua yang terjadi
aku menunggumu, aku menunggu

suara dengarkanlah aku
apa kabarnya pujaan hatiku
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya

suara dengarkanlah aku
apakah aku ada dihatinya
aku di sini menunggunya
masih berharap di dalam hatinya


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sedang aku duduk d kerusi malas yg baru saje muncul drumah mommy ku ini, aku t'pk kejadian yg berlaku smlm. housemate aku bru saje mdrikn masjid smlm dan dgn gagahnye aku yg sdg dlm kesakitan gigi ini (akibat gigi bongsu nak tumbuh) mhadirkn dri juga ke majlis persandingan nya di muar. aku g sane ngn kak intan n af..yg lain ikot kete ktorg smp dlu sbb g asing..anyway, smp jek ktorg mkn2 sbb pengantin tgh siap nk bsanding...dorg bru je nikah pg tuh.. pastu lepak2...then tibe lah mse pengantin nk bsanding...kompang pung pang pung pang...toksah kate kompang, siap ade base gendang tuh...gile gempak ar!! mmg best ar bunyi paluan kompang n gendang n ntah ape lg base yg ade..pastu pengantin laki kne lar g kt psgn nye kn.... tetibe.......... hah!! amik ko dorg da siap buat TOL! 3 pintu TOL ok!! kt 1 pintu jek dkt 15 org jage..gile kentang ar!!  ape kejadahnye smp byk2 org kt tol tuh...ape xtau ke biase kt kaunter tol tuh bukan ke ade SEORANG saje???!! kesian aku tgk parents pengantin lelaki...muke da berubah da.. 3 pintu tol nk kne lepas..gile kentang! pastu da lepas 3 tol, bole plak mak andam minta at least 100! siap check lg tuh.. ok so kesimpulannye dcni...maaf yer kalau ade pihak yg terase atas statement aku nih 'ORG JOHOR MMG KAKI PAW!' muahahahhaha!! gile siot.. bapak aku kate, klau die jd pengantin die balik jek...alaaa kn da nikah...muahahhahaa!! ape de hal x bsanding.. bini da dpt...huhuuu... tp seriusly lar kn...agk mlampau klau yg BUKAN ahli kluarge atau yg cume bau2 nangka jek pun nk join the club minta tol..da ler pihak lelaki da berabis duit kasi kt pengantin pompuan, nih siap nk paw tol lg...ewaaaaahh...ok tuh jek nk kongsi...huhu..



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hukhukkkk...bgun pg tgk2 mata da bengkak!! Waaa ni penangan ubt sakit tekak smlm.. Dr smlm aku mkn da terasa lain mcm jek, trus buang dr tekak ku..Bgun pg gatalnye mata aku....!!! Mau nangessssss~~~~ Da mcm panda btol da nih!!!! Xsukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Ok tuh je nk post...HEhehehehe.. :P


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

huhuuu..smlm aku xtau nk watpe..hmm so aftr magrib siap2 gosok bju kje then kuar..hmmm kul 9mlm gitu baby neo gerak ke curve bsama kika...xtau nk watpe so beli tiket tgk cite Lagenda Budak Setan... Pehh!! mmg sgt mantap woo cite die..even cam ade adegan bodo2 tp aku SALUTE ar kt Que Haidar coz play his role likeeeee sooooo super dooper 10 starsssss!!!!! Kudos to tat.. gile real siot die belasah c Lisa Surihani..Seyes sedey gile aku tgk tp sbb nk maintain kn so xde lar aku rse klau aku layan kt umah CONFIRM bderai airmata aku nih...huhu.. anyway 8.5 stars to d movie!

 Sangat BEST!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

While sitting on d couch i surfed my bro’s blog n his entry were pretty interesting. Hahaha! It’s about girlfren n special fren.. can it be the same? Definitely NOT! can b d same person.. Well for me for sure boyfren! Im straight enuf ok :P.. Anyway, wats d different between them? For me i think special fren iz totaly differ from besfren.. I got another name for special fren ‘ FRIEND WITH BENEFITS’. I remembered i heard diz in One Tree Hill teleseries. Nice shows, really teenage romantic series with handsome actors n beauuuuuty actress in there. Ok! Anyway............. in those series, ‘FWB’ stands for frens without any ‘serious’ relationship but doing d exact same as having serious relationship. It’s like NO STRINGS ATTACHED.. Cool huh?? But can u guys do tat? Maybe at 1 point there’s non of those so called ‘special feeling’ but in d end it will appear. When jealousy suddenly appears, mind kept on running on that person, uneasy feeling turns out, smiling without a reason, texting non-stopping -à definitely ‘INLOVE!’ See how those FWB can do to u.. u guys wont realize it but after a while, BEWARE! It’s coming in...hehehehe...

Seriously.... Can a man n a woman be good frens?? NO WAY! It surely will turns out to be LOVE! When 2 besfrens inlove, tat definitely feels so good n greaaaat! Coz we both knows each other from A-Z.. Wat else can it be? Both were definitely connected together, understand each other n knows each other strength n weaknesses. A perfecto couple is totaly besfrens! Well tats my opinion...But............ When both are out of love, definitely they wont be frens anymore. Be realistic, NO WAY of them to be the same like before they fall inlove. They might say, lets’ just be frens.... Hahahaha can u believe tat?? Can u be the same of knowing ur besfrens a.k.a ex-boy/ex-girl tat u were inlove so demn much r turning his/her back on u..?? Well it all depends on those individual.. For me, 1st maybe not but at 2nd and 3rd n next... NO COMMENT! Hehehehe... We still contact each other but there’s just no more love in us.. just back to basic of good frens but it took us like monthsssss of talking back....

Anyway, now i found new guessing im on my way of falling inlove again..Aiseeeyy not good! It does feels good but dunno... Commitment?? Definitely not in my dictionary now ;)



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I’d read 1 of my colleague’s entry n it strike me to write diz. Hmm how do u find love in ur love.. i mean like, how do u describe it? I remembered love came across when i wuz in primary 5.. puppy love iszit? It’s like not a serious thingy but more like a liking people. I love to see diz 1 boy face everyday at school coz his face were like a cool breezy water. Everyday we both wud bumped into each other as my dad n his mum’s ofiz was at d same building..hehe.. Hmm dunno wat happen to him coz i surely cant remember his name at all..pity u..

So life continuesss in secondary n there it strikes again..but it wuz a betting love..haha! i remembered during my mssm bowling tournament as me n my partner were playing next to his team n my partner said ‘he’s cute’ n i said ‘hmm i surely can be his gf 1 day’...n woooo rite aftr few months i wuz transferred 2 d same skOol wit tat boy..muahahahaha!! mission accomplished! Well we got along pretty well but seriuzly it wuz heartache everywhere n anytime! Demnn.. life muz  go on n till now he wuz like 1 of my good frens coz we were stucked bumping into each other like alwayssssss...huhu..

Uni life were hectic! Love? Definitely not in my dictionary but there it goes... overall he completes me but wat happen?? He dumped me...or shud i said i dumped him?? Ok confused! Coz he’s married to his BELOVED mum’s choice.. pretty sure he’s well happy now with his married life.. Sumtimes certain thgs are better left unsaid.. ;) Life were great being with tat person..Coz we were bestfrens since like years past over. Still remembered d 1st word he said ‘let’s get married!’.. n i wuz laughing like hell tat nite while on d phone believing tat he wuz joking around. ‘i gave u 3 days n i want d answer in 3 days’.. wooo so i tot he wuz kiddin.. so aftr 3 days our life were complete.. many thgs happened.. we shared or good times n bad times together. He wuz there when im in my worst n so did i when he’s in his worst. Our love life were pretty well planned but God has His plan tat we as human cant do anythg bout it. So any dramas along the way until 1 day we decide tat we both needs to move on with own lives. Seriuzly i cursed him in so many ways knowing tat he cheated me n his wife but im sure he learnt his lesson very well ;).. well unfortunately he iz stil my besfren so i wish him to be hepi for his entire life...

Days passes by..months coming in n i tot life wud b much easier...but yes it wuz n not?? Hehee.. i met a guy tat made me laugh ol d way, made me bite my lips coz of his silly words, made me mad of his joke, made me cried of showing my ex’s wedd foto, made me leave a perfectly happy relationship. I gave him the world. He injected my boring life with unnecessary drama and heartaches.. well tats love life are..full of dramassss..  Gosh diz feeling definitely will haunt me forever!!!

So how can u describe as LOVE?? Im not sure bout it coz sumtimes tat feeling will definitely disappear in just a second...hahaha have u ever felt out of love suddenly?? Ohh yess i had.. seriously it’s confusing! Dunt do diz at home...ahahahaha..! Certain peps might be in love wit a guy full of romantics words, but certain might be in love wit a loser..hmm.. hows tat sound?? Terrible isn’t it?? Yup2..! But sumtimes those loser turns out to be a great companion to a person.. Well tats God’s plan  for us.. He decides wats best for us.. For me i just wanted to be hepi wit a great nice guy tat can make my world turn upside down :D


i think im falling for u.....~~ hahahahaha! sudenly tat colbie lyrics appeared..hmm iszit..?? it's been a few weeks i didnt have any idea to make an entry..plusss mcm hmm biarlah..abaikn jek..huhu..lately mood kurang enak n kurang menarik n byk hepi kot...ehehehee..y?? sumone made me gazillion timess hepi.. weeeee~~~ to my lion, i lourve u!! muuuuaaaaahhhh!!! put all others thgs back..dunt wanna tink bout anythg coz u made my life bloommm n grooommm n vrooommmm..weeee lagi... muahahahaha :D

other than tat... i got my corby...niat d hati nk corby pro..last beli corby chat..hehe..latest than pro but no 3g.. alaa x kisah pon coz 3g x pntg da skrg..bkn ade sape nk 3g pon..huhuuu.. klau nk jumpe, seribu daya...yg jauh2 bole skype jek..jimat..huhu..blik cni, bole jumpe..muahahahaha!

opsss gotta work to be done..hmm later perhaps...

till then...



semakin lama oh semakin rekah

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tak perlu ucapkan sepatah kata
Kerna lantang terbaca dari muka
Kau dan daku sudah tiada
Keserasian di jiwa
Mungkin magisnya sudah hilang

Tak perlulah kita mencuba lagi
Betulkan kesilapan perhubungan ini
Bila setiap perbincangan
Menjadi perbalahan
Manakah agaknya cinta pasti

Embun pun takkan mampu menyubur sekuntum
Bunga yang layu pada musim luruh
Yang dulunya mekar di sinar suria
Bila sudah kering pasti akan gugur

Seperti cinta kita yang jelas ternyata
Semakin lama oh semakin rekah
Menimbulkan tanya, apa mungkin kita
Temu kebahagiaan dalam perpisahan..

Usah titis air mata kau tangiskan
Ku dah cukup menampung selautan
Begitu lama ku pendam
Tapi hanya berdiam
Kerna cuba menafi realiti

Kebahagiaan.. dalam perpisahan..