Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Greetings fellas.. it has been few weeks since my last entry. Well been busy with work and few arrangements. Just finished my 1 week course which was very tiring but somehow i did my best in the course. So to end up the month of February, i was called to make an entry bout Leap Day! (hope u guys know what's Leap Day means ;)

Leap Day is 29th February, which is an extra day added during the leap year. It's like intercalary day which making the year consist 366 days long, not 365 as usual. Through the Gregorian Calendar, nearly every 4 years is a leap day.

Tradition & Folklore
Leap Day as a concept has existed for more 2000 years and still associated with age-old traditions, folklore and even superstitions. one of the mosssssst popular tradition was if that one particular woman proposed to their boyfriend in marrying them (western beliefs ok not muslims!)

How it happened??
Leap Years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the earth's revolution around the sun. if we didnt add a day on 29th nearly every 4 years, we would lose almost 6 hours every year. after only 100 years, our calendar would be off by approximately 24 days! (see how Allah swt has created this universe and its way of rounding every single second? Subhanallah...)

To share some of the Leap Year info

Leap Years 2008 – 2032

YearFebruary 29 – day of the week

So fellas, maybe u could do something that is worth remembering for today! for me..... im gonna make something worth remembering for me insyaAllah..

till then..



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

heloooo! while waiting mom n dad, i came across to jot something.. something i have no idea what to write exactly! been busy lately.. one of my school good friend are having her big day in a month time.. while sitting doing nothing, i manage to design a perfect wedding dress.. talking about wedding dresses, alhamdulillah.. someone very close to me are also planning on her big day in few months time!!! weeeeee.. syukur2 praises to Allah swt for His blessed. hope the preparations went well. I accept those news with a big smile, big hug n unbelievable big question mark! hahaha!! whooopppsss..  :P Some people might say 'orang baik adalah utk org baik.' or blablabla etc.. but actually i believed in ' Allah mpunyai ketentuanNya tersendiri utk jodoh setiap hambaNya. Allah tidak pernah mbezakan setiap hambaNya di antara baik ataupun tidak.. itu yg aku pelajari dlm kelas tahfiz ku laa..well some people has their own opinions. guru n pengalaman utk setiap manusia adlh berbeza so cara pemikiran juga haruslah berbeza.. ye kan?? Wallahualam~~

okay, berbalik kpd topik sebelum nih, im soooo happy for my good friend, my pet sister, my closeeeee friend n myself! ehh why myself?? nak jugaaaaak laa tumpang happy kann :P semoga segalanya berjalan lancar insyaAllah kpd semua calon2 isteri n suami mithali.. my prayers are with u guys all the way :)

till then..