Monday, January 17, 2011

Kali pertama aku mengenalimu
Mahu bersama
Mahu bersama
Raut wajahmu bersih
Meyakinkan hati ini
Aku terpaut

Semua dusta palsu
Aku tertipu
Berubah menurut nafsu
Panggilanmu gelaranmu
Baru ku tahu

Lakon layarmu hebat
Terpukau ku melihat
Isi hati murahan
Sampai bila
Kau mahu tersesat
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh muslihat
Mahkotamu Raja Drama

Kau masih berpura-pura
Kata-katamu hanya propaganda
Mengejar hijau ungu
Mata kelabu
Ini bukan kau yang pernah ku kenal dulu
Panggilanmu gelaranmu
Baruku tahu

Panggilanmu gelaranmu
Baru ku tahu
Kau bertakhta
Bagai maharaja di atas lembah
Lakon layarmu yang terhebat
Memukau mata melihat
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat
Sampai bila Raja Drama
Sampai bila Raja Drama

Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat
Sampai bila Raja Drama
Sampai bila Raja Drama
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat


its been a been upside down diz few days..drama drama drama..all i can say broken hearted by the drama u made...

so here goes the story..

im in love with such a good actor
i've known him for who he iz

but then he changed
i wonder y the hell did he change
being a good man in front of my face
ANGELIC all of the sudden

turns out to be
 alhamdulillah Allah showed me everything
sorry to say but u just broke my TRUST
once broken considered SOLD

dunt be such a jerk try to change things just to make u look good front of me
be YOURSELF instead
i didnt even asked u to change
one day Allah will open ur heart to change urself
no need to bullshit me lah

all i can say now 

got it??


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GUESS jenama yg tidak asing lg di negara ini malah di serata dunia
tp malang nya aku tidak gemarkan jenama yg konon2 nya mewah ini
nape ek??
no komen
eh ke nak komen sket......hmmmm
anyway, mmg aku dr dlu2 x minat jenama ? nih
aku igt lg time aku study kt Uni, blambak2 student pkai jenama nih
celop pon celop lah janji GUESS!
slh satu sbb nape aku x suke adalah kerana ramai sgt pakai jenama nih
smp da xtau ori ke atau tak
seigt aku dr dlu aku cume ade 2 3 helai baju guess je
handbags?? jgn harap aku akn pkai guess

pd aku xde pon keistimewaan GUESS nih
mahal tp design same jek
sebab tuh la aku x suke
sebab aku nih jns 'weirdo'
aku lbh suke pkai bnde2 yg jarang org pkai n nampak
even brg or baju/ beg/ kasut tuh aku beli kt street market jek!

one of the Guess Store back in Atlanta
mmg x teringin pon msok coz surely xkan beli pape

ini pilihan aku!
jeng jeng jeng

ini lah jenama handbags pilihan aku mase aku zaman muda2
menarik babe!

ade ke org pakai CD cam aku nih??
class x?? ekceli bkn sebab classy but coz it's so weird!
kasOt die pon ngaaaam cam bwh nih ;)

aku start pakai nih coz ex aku dlu mmg gile AX
unfortunately skrg aku da kapel ngn owner AX
lg la aku syOk!

 sape bole teka nih kasot jenama ape???
muahahahaa! inilah KUDA!
dari kasot ke baju semue nye menarik..n harga pon affortable

aku suke kasot PW nih coz sgt cozzy,stylish,simple n comfortable
harge pon not bad la
worth it ngan comfort die
jalan 5-6 jam kt mall pon x sakit lgsg ok

jenama nih skali skale je bole gune tp aku ade byk beg2 LV..xde la nak beli ORIGINAL...
stakat 'mirror image' tuh mampu lg la beli tp mmg setahun beli 1
klau x mmg sah2 BANKRUP walaupun mirror image

ini adalah kilang kasot ku!
aku rase stakat nih aku ade more than 200 shoes from vincci in my collections
byk ke??
tuh pon ade yg da buang
sbb ape ade byk??
sbb aku mmg gile kasot!

inilah port aku ngn bff aku slalu gi
baju n aksesoriessss kt cni sgt pelik!
hahaha so...da tau nape aku gi kan??

love MNG but sumtimes xde size aku
so mmg jarang2 aku BERJAYA mdapat bju MNG yg btol2 ngam ngn bdn aku yg petite nih

nih jenama NO 1 aku
xmo cakap banyak


Monday, January 10, 2011

yoyoyoooo main yoyo...hahahaha!! arinih ade cite best..! my bff NURUL FATIHA da ade blog u olsss :P.. Smlm ktorg lepak kt pavi then tgh2 melantak kt dome, die bole lak tunjuk blog die which is...woooooo gempakssss siot! even she's a baby steps doing d blogging thingy but im excited!!! mau nye x excited sbb slame nih die ckp 'eeee x minat lah nk syok sndri' muaahahaha! tuh sbb ktorg bce blog org yg suke 'syok sendri'...

here's her short preview of d blog tat so 'sweeeeeeetnye.' (bak kate die la...)

sape hebat try la cari link.... (sarcastic mode)

to my bff
welcome to d bloging wOrld babe ;)

anyway..yesterday we had great time..
da lame x kuar, ayun n axlan
ktOrg poie lepaks kt dome ntah brape lame makan smp nk muntah
pastu layan movie seasons of the witch (which nk gugur jantung aku tgk)
pastu balik tgk AJL smbil makan KFC
pastu x setuju lgsg Ana Rafali bole dinobatkan sebagai Juara Lagu

ok tu je nk update... (since makcik ayun ckp aku da lme x update blog)


Monday, January 3, 2011

Yehaaa... it's the 3rd day of 2011.. Shud be posting yester but yester wuz a crazy day.. y?? NO MOOD at all plus i went to my fren's wedding so no time to online except updating my twitter since both my phone spt mau kne campak gaung! Ip n bB same jek. Pkai SE lg best kot. Anyway, along the way there, i had few reso tat definitely shud be include the my 2011 New Resolutions.. (mcm gempak jer bunyi nye kan)

Alhamdulillah..2010's reso i managed to complete mostly all of them..Just few minor unrealistic resos..but still im satisfied for wat i've achieved. mostly for the 4.00 resultsssss (u know when i said resultsss means more than once!!)

So here goes my Reso's list (klau rse2 unachievable tuh ignore jek coz at least i got the dream of making it come true :P )

being a more loyal servant of Allah s.w.t
buy my own house wit the name of OWNER as myself!
touch-up Dolly (change everything from exterior to interior)
expanding my career (which by means im gonna be moreeee workaholic)
there's a knot to be tied up! :P (Ya Allah make it easier for us)
  less partying domestics n overseas
blogging more frequently to update myself to da world (as if i got time for it...??? Ahaaaah!)
be more independence (can it be more than now...???)
being more patience in any sort of problemoooossss
more holidays
wearing hijab (hmmm i got diz weird feeling of wearing it lately...)
less shopping
wanna be a billionaire
less bullied by others (i forgive peps easily thoo)
less fboOkin
more tweeting
buy more shoes (ok shudnt i supposed to be less shopping...?)
more success n loveable wit zee bOyfie

till then...adiosss amigosss..

p.s, i lourve u ;)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

As Salam...

There we go..2010 are leaving us (which by the time i've posted diz entry, it has been gone) There's so much to be remember in 2010 but sometimes we must look forward and just walk straight never look back. 2011 hopefully will be a blessing year for me and the family as well and of course for everyone single human being in diz world.

Started with so many unforgettable things..but as i crossed my journey, it all seems to change. From painful to cheerful memories. Sometimes people do make mistakes and those mistakes are meant to be learned. We learned from the past..As we grow older, those experiences makes us more stronger and brighter. Forgive people who has been doing wrong to you. They might hurt your feeling but who knows you might hurt their's too. God knows...

For all mistakes that I've done... from the bottom of my heart "i am sorry for all the things i have might hurt your feeling. may we all are blessed by the Almighty God. Let's forget the past and starts a brand new year"

For someone that i hope will be reading diz (which i doubt it).. we began our 'perkenalan' it quite a harsh way. I wish we cud be friends coz we had our terrific own lives now. My apology to you if I've done terrible things to you and i had forgive you for what ever done to me..Let's just say we are now 0-0

Januar 10
There's nothing much happen in diz month except...I'm wishing for the best thru out the year of 2010. and also it wuz the month I've started working with the new company 'Trisystem Group'.. Bless me

Februar 10
It wuz the month where me n him started to become 'close friend'. From just being a 'hangout' friends to 'close' friends. He made me go stronger to face the sobering days. Nothing much to say on diz month also :)

Marz 10
It wuz the month of my favorite!! My big day wuz on diz month. Yeaaaay! Everything wuz going according to plan except my BFF's dad passed away on my big day. Ya Allah tempatkan dia di kalangan hamba² Mu yg beriman serta beramal solleh.. I've started to get more busy during diz month with work. I'm expanding my career during diz month. Alhamdulillah...

April 10
Ahaaah! I've started to have crushed on  my 'close friend'... Wehooo unexpected at all.. I remembered that I've quoted The best date is with someone who can take you anywhere without touching anything but your heart. And that's HIM 'Ahmad Azlan Zainal'

Mai 10
Diz iz when I'm starting to pissed off with my work. Maybe it's just because of the stressed i need to deal with.. But overall it's OK!

Juni 10
I'M FALLING FOR YOU... That's all i can say.. Life?? Greaaaaat each and every single day :)

Juli 10
Feeling a lil bit down but everything stil UNDER CONTROL!

August 10
The month where i felt so blessed being with the one i love... me familia und me amor...!!

September 10
I'm counting something on diz month... counting n counting n wallah!!!

Oktober 10
I'm on cloud nineeeeee...

November 10
The month where I've started to be more matured in writing my blog! Muahahahaha.. POYO!

Dezember 10
Everything went WRONG....!!! I hate the end of 2010!!!

And there you go.... I'm sending the 2010 off to the past..GOODBYE~!