Wednesday, June 12, 2013

As Salam n alooooohaa! Wow for real?? It has been almost a year since my last entry. What happened??? Well lots have been happening.. lets cut it short n just make it simple..

#1 Alhamdulillah syukran jazilan I have been married to a wonderful man Ahmad Azlan on 10th Nov 2012. Even it has been a long time ago, but I still remember.. it was the happiest day in my life that time. The ceremony went on smoothly. My bestfriends were all there. Even Ayun flew back home from india I think. Cant remember.. hihi! Thanks to Leeya souch. She has been a terrific PA the whole week organising n settling everythg for me. The best!

#2 honeymoon... well went to few places. Such a wonderful 2 months holidays I've had.. thank you huby for bringing me to those places..

#3 Alhamdulillah me n huby received a good news.  I'm pregnant right away. Too early to conceive but it was the greatest news. Can't believe it either.. well it's all rezeki dari Allah Swt.

#4 Due to a health reason, I was advised to rest at home until my delivery. So I'm doing it now. Become a full time house wife.  Just sometimes I had to go for tutoring n academic stuffs in fac but thats cool by me. As long as I'm getting the rest I should have.

Now.. I'm waiting.. seems like the baby wanted to come out so fast. But please baby, pleaseee wait till the due. Edd on hari raya! Greaaaaat huh? Hope I could manage to eat rendang before deliver.  Hahahaha.. I still want to eat rendang n all raya dishes hokaay. Well that's all for tonight. Will update but don't know when.. please pray for a smooth delivery InsyaAllah. .

Till then..