Happy 2010 New Year!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

well its been so long since i wrote anythg.been bz or shud i say trying 2 forget all those memories..haha! seriusly i wuz like nearly forgot tat i'd ever had a blog..thank God leeya remind me about her blog diz morn so i wiz like.....'OMG i got a blog too which FYI i haven't update it since sooooo demn long time..huhu...

wishing a very prosperous years ahead..my prayers shud be 'Ya Allah please take back all those tears,suffers and sorrows of 2009 and bless me with laughter,joy n happiness in 2010. Happy New Year to all my frenzies..May Allah bless us all with a joyful prosperous years ahead.Aminn...'

nothing else in diz world matters to me anymore..hmm do i have any reso for diz 2010?? i dunt tink so...ohh maybe im only cursing peps in my blog..hahhahahha!! less sinity i guess... :p

well had a great nite with mr farhan diz eve..lepaks having my favor roti naan n went out layaaaan movie..hmm he seems to be quite entertaining.hahhahahhaha!! well gotta off the lights now.time to sleeeeep... sweet dreams..