Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hahahahhahahahahhaha!!! Im sooooo excited! y?? coz...i got a good news! Hmm..well cant tell u guys wat it iz..wait mum texted me while i wuz driving home..n i wuz like smiling until cant smile nemore. it wuz d good news i've been waiting one step closer..insyaAllah.. Ya Allah permudahkn segalanya bg dri ku :D im just so EXCITED!!!! demn...

neway, i almost forgot..well forgot oredi ekceli..its my ex-mate wedd today n his housz were juz around my housz.shOot!! he will kill me! but lucky me, i wuz stuck in d clas today..hehe!! gOod alibi huh?? wishing Fit 'Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga kekal bahagia ke ank cucu cicit piut' :D

hmm later sambung coz so demn excited until cant think any idea of writing...hahahhaa!! taking my mood 1st aftr Magrib Prayer :D



Friday, February 26, 2010

haha!! sisz wan said my wish #21 shud be a NEW BOYFRIEND!! wehuuu~ shud it be?? hmm...perlukah?? maybe perlu kot............ so tat mangkok n the tandas x perlu nk ganggu hidup ku lg.. ok so sisz, its a BRILLIANT idea!!! thanks ;)

today iz a public hols..hmm but i got lecture at 3pm juz now..finished around 5++..ahh bOring but not so boring today's topic..dunno y but i seems to juz go thru ol d lecture's slide quite well..haha! improvement! i didnt even 'flew' away from d lecture session....well normaly my body wil be in d cls but my mind seems to fly away elsewhere..muahahahahha!! *devil*..Wrapped up d lecture then otw heading home, nadia honking my cuore showing signs 'mnom jom!'..ok lets jom..i juz tailing her cuore went to PakLi @ sect 7..hmm quite hungry so ordered up bun with ciken curry n barly ice...OPSSSS ice?? ok mum doesnt need to noe bout it..hahaha!! shuuuuu~ then around 6.30 heading straight home.. arrived at 7pm!

ohh i juz remember! my baby iz out of service but i stil used her...pity her...her insurance & roadtax expired oredi..but........ 'belasah jek!' hope no policemen r reading diz blog :D

well magrib time...continue later..


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

so every year me n my besties wud have a wishlist..well ekceli its juz bcause of NO IDEA of wat to giv for d birthday present..hahahaha!! normally i wud just post it d nite b4 my birthday but since high of demandssss (cewah prasan!) i wil post it NOW!! wishlist wil b updated once i got a new wish :D ok x my idea????? so here it goessssss..........................

1) Digital watch {hbs calar da fossil i nih msuk gym tau... :( }
2) POLO German flags t-shirt
3) Maroon Fossil Sling Bag
4) Cat {i want a new cat yg gebu², comel²}
5) Tortoise or a fish! {i need a new fren :D}
6) New pair of jeans
8) New Esprit sun glasses
9) Ice skating {besties!! lets jom try neu things for once??}
10) Karaoke session with ol d besties {like a hugeeeeee ruum}
11) SR Blackforest choc cake??
12) Gold Plated Jade ring
13) New running shoe
14) Latest Ed Hardy shirt
15) HTC Diamond Pro
16) SE Satio
17) No more chili's! neu port at Garden the Curve!!!
18) Manicure & Pedicure
19) Redang Island
20) Kuantan!! i wanna go back to Kuantan at least for 3 days..i miss kuantan...................

ok folks! its done! hahahha the wishlist wil b updated once i got a neu thgs to be added :D

till then....



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

16 days!!!
gosh as i wuz googling n's juz another 16 days of my sober anniversary! its been a year??? shOot time passes by so quickly..tats great.. in 16 days im gonna be totaly dfrnt!! wait haa...... :P

tats all wanna say... muahahahaha~



its been a while i didnt wirte up anythg..aiseyy been bz with my new life so hepi now!! well not all d times of i tot i wuz realy 'thank-God tat stalker wuz gone' but OMG she's back! but im peps owez said 'ade aku kesah?' x kuase lar nk layan org meroyan nnt mjd2 meroyan die..haha!!

its februar!!! the month of lourve~~ which im totaly NOT celebrating valentines' day ok! nonsense! we can celebrate our lourve in any days not juz in valentines...da! anyway, since chinese neu year iz also on 14th so they were saying tat diz tiger years brings lourve n so much lourve...ok tats good! well i've been cny hols for 5 days sick at home! wat happened?? UTI (urinary tract infections) demnnn...........!! tp skrg alhamdulillah da okes :D

ok nk cont wat kje sket..nnt smbung lg..huhu (padahal da ktandusan idea)