some things are better left UNSAID...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dear my frenzies..FYI i have decided to advertise diz..

sum thgs are better left unsaid..let time decide... ;p

haha GOTCHA!!! not yet...not gonna share wif anyone yet...

7th JULY

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So i got diz text..hmm i wonder stil hepi 7th july meh?? Dunt tink so.. Usualy i wud b hepi got diz text every 7th july but not nemore.. Another year passed by..clOck iz ticking..tick tOck tick tOck~ but d answer iz stil complicated n unsolved. Maybe it wont b solve.. Tats wat i tink now.. Well... 'hepi 7th July as well dear bestie.Thanks 4 being a good fren of mine thru out diz 9 years'.. Wonder wats d best present 4 my besties huh..?? Maybe a kiCkass session wud b great. Ahahahah!! Last time batting basebOl session + i smashed ur e71 wuz totaly owesome so i tink kickass wud b great!! hmm if smashing ur e71=new canon ixus so kickass=i got a new VAIO pOcket. Waaa i likeeeeeeee~ So stil hv those guts of comin ere?? I bet u wudnt..

Anyway, later diz eve, im goin to Paroi wif Nurul..g usha sumone there..ahahaha!! ya rite! She needs company so im accompanying her..hmm izzit d rite word?? ok watever..

So work as im finishing my sales region report but..........2cents went missing..shoot! last time 4mills then now 2cents plak..eee i hate numbers!!

get baCk later ya..


renovating + pink panther plan

Sunday, July 5, 2009

So im at momy's castle baCk in Klang..rinduuu sambal ayam mak dara (bak kate Leeya ;p) Well got back but she wasnt home. Owez went missing. Hmm...but as she got back she cook sambal ayam...yummy~ Leeya mau x??? hehehehhe.. So wat a boring nite last nite. As i came home,goshh d castle doesnt lOok like a castle nemore!! Ohh so momy dara iz renovating d castle. Drilling & smashing ol at d frontyard. I wonder where she got ol d money heh?? Waaaa have to seduce her lar so she can gimme more n more advanced!!! weee~~

Last nite i wz waiting for a call.....sumone said 'dunt sleep cOz i'll call u back n discuss bout d pink panther plan!!' Ok so i wait til diz mOrn. I wonder no miscall n neither any text on d screen...So i opened d phone (coz flip fOn lOr) n jeng jeng jeng..... 'sim inactive'.. wahahahhahaha!! no wonder it made no noise..!!! Later on it baCk n so many text n miscall! I tot of gettin' mad coz tat person totaly forget we gotta pink panther plan 2 discuss. Opsie~ sory...

Anyway i woke up so early 2day..Y?? coz so much noizzzzzzeeeee. They were drillin n smashing as usual. Waaaaaaa cannot tahan nemore lor..Wanna go out but momy use my baby neo so hmm..Just goin to kidnapp my brO's genny,sudenly he's gone too!! shoot!! So stay homeeeeeee........

Leeya juz buzz me tat we're going to langkawi on march! weheeee~ vacations again.. So now my vacay schedule wud b.. october (tawau) ; nOv (kuching) ; dec (shud b bandung but im seducing my momy 2 postpone it) march (langkawi) waaaaaaaa so much to spend huh?? So im stil seducing momy to postponed til march or april bout d trip. So we cud just direct from my uncle's at jakarta to bandung..So no need to go twice lor..huhu..paman sugitoooooo ere we come~~~~ aduhh mau pecel tempe enaaaaaakk ya!


Trouble Is A Friend

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trouble he will find you no matter where you go
Oh, oh
No matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow
Oh, oh
The eye of the storm wanna cry in the morn
Oh, oh
You're fine for a while but you start to lose control

He's there in the dark He's there in my heart
He waits in the wings He's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend
Trouble is a friend of mine

Trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe
Oh, oh
And no matter what i feed him he always seems to grow
Oh, oh
He sees what i see and he knows what i know
Oh, oh
So don't forget as you ease on down my road

He's there in the dark He's there in my heart
He waits in the wings He's gotta play a part
Trouble is a friend
Trouble is a friend of mine

So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
I roll down the window I'm a sucker for his charm
Trouble is a friend
Yeah Trouble is a friend of mine

How i hate the way he makes me feel
And how i try to make him leave
I try
Oh, oh, i try


badminton + karaoke

So last nite me n d gurls when out to chill.. Chill means badminton + karaoke..haha!! well just karok at Leeya's cribs. So 7.30 we (me,nurul,leeya n sisz lanie) went to tat badminton court. Played like crazee + laughing non-stop..huhu! Nurul played so cuteeeeeee cOz her legs made tat weird pose! ;p So pJa n missy ema were LATE!! Hmm..ok traffic jem..good excuseeeeeee. Later finished d game we went hunting for foodssssss @ nz.. haha so damn hungry everyone heh?? Then straight 2 Leeya's cribs..getting ready for KARAOKE!!!

Fun2..lotsa fun even my eyes barely opened..OMG im so exhausted! I wanna sleep sleep sleep coz tomorow gotta work work work.. So they ol 'layan' feeling, i went off to usual im owez d 1st went to bed. Dunno y lately cant even open my eyes if after 9.30pm..

Diz morn got up at 7.30 gettin ready off to ofiz buuuuuuuuttttttt...unfortunately me n nurul lost our way back home. Ahahahaha!! Instead of goin subang, we were stuck in exit PUTRAJAYA!!! Shoot n makcik nurul kept on mumblin 'ni smue salah makcik! tnye lg psl wifey2!!' Elooo u yg tnye kot..i tgh sebOk belai rambut kot..ahahahha!! So in conclussssss...both of us 'ronda2 dr gombak-putrajaya-puchong-pJ' wahahhaha!! sYOK!

Now in d ofiz as usual..Sisz kay invited me to watch futbOl 2nite sgOr vs. Myteam..cant go coz Nurul iz not going..gOnna b noring w/out her lOr...huhu..Well update later ya..Gotta finish sum wOrk..

4 million where did u go???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Its past ofiz hour but im stil ere.Hmm..Been stuck doing sales trxn report for d month of june since yester..n guess wat?? Short of 4 million!!! Damn..where did diz 4mil gOes?? Usualy it wont b happening..no2!! Never short hell so huge amount like diz..I tink n Intan oso tinks tat hQ didnt give us d rite report so tats y its not tally..waaaaa come on lar..4mils its not ciput ok...!! So as i wuz stuCk doing it Intan said 'lets jom g mkn roti canai kt faris' I wuz like...haa cool..jom2!! tL 'awien please stay 2 help me clear up the restriction profiles..' waaaaaaaa again...~ So intan went along wif mala n jun only...waaaaa again n again sumore! My eyes cant opened nemore la wehhh! Brain start 2 makin' drift..hukhuk~

OK2 so change topic.. I went out for lunch wif Leeya. Ngulor jap lar..huhu~ gosips2!! So tomorow shoot playin badminton but sumhow she have to work on saturday..n so did i! I wuz just been informed..Damn! But okla..wOrk iz mOney..mOney iz otw to me gettin' SWIFT~ waahahahhaa!! Cool huh?? So Nurul have confirmed tomorow she'l be joining d game.waaaa syOknye..n off course pJa n missy Ema wud b around tOo.It's been so long we ol (i mean ol d gossips gurls) didnt hang out havin fun 2getha. Cant wait for tomorow..but Leeya dunt forget my shoes n sOcks ya!! malas mau blik klang amik lOr.. ;p

So d other story happen 2day wuz....... fraud been calling2 n smsing me which i ignored but 2day he totaly cross d line by sending me diz text:
'Heyy u..mne u mhilang nih? my cl lgsg xnk jwb,my msg pon da xrep? u hdp lg ke x? yg suke mhilang nih apsal????!!!!'
So he totaly cross d line by sending me again tat word which iz 'MENGHILANG'.. n with me full of fire in me totaly berapi!! replied:
'never once i questioned u MENGHILANG. NEVER ONCE! never asked n never said anythg bout it. So who r u to questioned me like tat? Its MY LIFE. U sape? I sape? Bare tat in mind'
Iz dat cruela?? I dont tink so..Ohh for GOD sake please lar. U were my besfrens since skOol ya n forever i tink so..(stil inconsideration). Dunt say 'jgn ckp mcm tuh. i xsuke u nk persoal sape2 skrg stil d same me n so do u'
Walawehh u stil hv guts to say those????????? wtf im MAD u noe!! u noe y?? coz u're loosing ur mind like waaaaaaaaay too far now. But in the end he said 'I'm sorry for being so sensitive okay..its just sum stupid misunderstanding. Thanks besties for being u as usual mengamok sakan'.. wahahahhaha well ekceli he called i wuz shouting like fuCkin' so tense to tat fraud. Haa now u noe lar im not sumkind a gurl a.k.a ur best ever bestfriend (tats wat u called me aite??) u can treat stupidly.. Urhh wat a JERK! Y does jerk ever exist in diz wOrld???? Buat semak jek bak kate sunia..
Ok so nOw im relieved typing ol those stupid thgs..Let d whOle world noe how JACKASS u r..Opsie~ sory for d bad langua even u'r my besties..huhu~

to be cOnt....


blackberry oOo blackberry

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Like 2pm gotta cl from d receptionist..'Awien got flowers for u downstairs tat need ur sign...' HUH?? Who sent me flowers...??? walawehh~ So i went down n from outside d door i can see a bouquet of flowers wif 1 guy standing waiting for me..huhu.. 'So diz iz awien..awien he needs ur sign,i cant sign it for u..' 'sure for me?? i asked tat guy.. Ok so i sign n got back up to my desk..From far mala ...'wah fraud ke hntr?? sape2??' i opened d card n written my one guy i knew long time ago..'sharizal' OMG!!! Well he actualy asked for my address diz morn but said wanna add-up my addres in his blackberry..da!! diz iz totaly not a blackberry okay?!

Here's a real blackberry looks like..

And u sent me...

Thanks btw but stil my heart iz not open for anythg my dear.. My 'HEART iz TEMPORARY UNREACHABLE'

Goodluck in doing watever it takes for u in winning a woman's heart.. ;p


massive drops in blood pressure

Well it's 1st of July. Usualy im so damn busy today infact i am busy!! So today i got to settle bonuslink report n sales report n cashcard report but....i just finished doing bonuslink report. Thank God it has been sent out. Now stil running for sales trxn but from like 8am stil 'NOT RESPONDING'. shoot!!! 12pm gotta submit ya! shoot2 again!!!

Anyway, yesterday i had like a massive blood pressure breakdown. haha!! Finally i felt d urge of shuttin my brainz off. Well felt like blurry since 2 days ago but hmm ok maybe its just the stres of gettin out from diz envi. Hmm..ekceli i do like workin ere..sumtimes i mean..Not when d finance a.k.a john n shaz kept chasin me wif stupid arguments. HALOOOO i might be NOT takin finance or biz but i noe im doing my job cOrrectly which iz at diz point im forcing my brilliant brainzz just to satisfied u guys!! da!! Ok so back to d real thg, so my bP wud be around 50/40..haha!! Cool huh?? Well my last visits to d dOc had reminded me tat i cud collapsed anytime coz of my there u are. Gotcha~ So 2day gonna take d pills at my leeya. Stil i wish i cud mc 2day but job comes 1st dear bOss. Aih 2morow im off out from d ofiz.haha!!

So gOtta cont my work rite back ya!