Friday, April 24, 2009

Its friday oredi.. Never tot it wud came diz short. I've been not in a good mood 4 diz entire week. At last my besties accidentally slip out who made the cruel thg 2 sum1 tat shud've known. hahaha!! YES i am so relieved. Y?? cOz there's burden in my chest tat shud b out 4 so many times but i cant bear 2 hurt the feelings of those people. But..i guess tats the best way for me to move on and forget how cruel tat person treat me. Remember..'wat goes around comes around dear..' Am i mad? yess definitely! Am i angry? Totally!! Am i sad? WTF shud i b sad? My anger r beyond ur stupid imaginery. But...its ok..i've let Allah decide for tat persons' done. Ok lets leave those behind..Dunt wanna tink or even remembered those cruel nasty shits thgs!

So 1 day i've decide 2 move on..move on?? i tot it wud moveeeeee on. Guess im wrong. Izzit the timing or izzit sum fake empty words or izzit juz me? I cant answer tat.. Only tat person got d answer..Sumtimes maybe its hard when we were hanging wif uncertainty decisions. But cant u even wait?? Guess u i realize those were juz ur fake empty words..meaningless.. those in like 3days straight ahead?? Its been a while since i've got those nitemares. Dunno wats wrong..maybe im too stressed out or maybe im juz soo damn tired wif everythg tats been happening. Gosh i need a break..ahhhhhhhh!!! Hope everythg juz fade away.. Maybe i shud be continuing my old piano n violin lesson. At least it cud use my spare time so i cud b so damn busy n tired..hahahaha!! Gosh i realy missed playing those violin again..maybe tat wud do best..huhu..yeszaa got d idea oredi.. Happy Instrumenting~

adiks' big day

Friday, April 17, 2009

21st March 2nd bro a.k.a adiks were engaged on diz sweet day. Im so hepi for him n....i made those in da pixa. Simple n sweet juz like his fiancee.. We had a great time back in penang. Even its kinda far far away..but it wuz a fun trip. Next day after d reception, we went 2 d Island hunting 4 anthg tat cud be hunt..haha!! hmm i wonder where i've put the pixax of the hunting trip....... 

my worst ever 24th big day

It have been long time but stil i wanna share the story...a story where i had like 1 day major depression n there wuz my besfrens came 2 cheer me up. well 1 of them r missing! nurul wuz missing from the scene but its ok..she had been wif me the whole entire nite stayed beside me while i wuz crying..thanks 2 ol of my besties leeya, nurul n pJa..ohh n siz lani as well ;P .. thanks 4 d karaoke enjOyment.. I realy love u guys so much coz u guys r the frens tat cried when i cried n laughed when i laughed.. it wuz my worst birthday ever but u guys made it wonderful by being my bestfriends!! muaCckksss~~ ohh n p.s: i look like SHITS!

ZARA back in real..

After a while i've been shutting myself into a very big clOset. It felt so goOd spending much time alone thinking wat supossed to be done in diz life. I've been hurt quite bad..really bad. But enuf iz enuf.. Tats it!! No more missy nice zara..From now on im so back on my feet wif new me. Set my goal oredi.. ' I DONT EVEN CARE!' ahahhahaha!! CoOl huh?? i've deleted my old blog cOz its juz a waste of time spending time blogging when peps tat i trust kept stabbing behind my back. Shit! tats wat i call to those losers. Enuf said..i've had enuf. From now on im juz gonna be me. ZARA!! i dunt care bout others to tink, dunt care bout others to feel. i juz care bout me juz me!!

Anyway..i realy missed the old blog cOz so much story n gOssips in there..But its ok, i'll try 2 make diz new blog as simple as i cud n as interesting it can be compared to the old blog..haha!! happy bloggin'