Sunday, October 23, 2011

Im thinking that am having a sleeping disorder lately.. Felt so tired but my eyes wudnt shut at all.. Weekdays, i'll sleep at 9pm then woke up around 4 or 5am. No more sleep after that. Directly go to work.. Im early nowadays. Can even cook nasi goreng for breakfast before i went out to work! Anyway, i need my beauty sleeeeeeep plsssss..

Heyy wats up with my entry? Huhuuhuu.. Alhamdulillah.. Im almost there.. InsyaAllah with God's will..3rd November 2011 will be a history. Im trying my best! I cant believe im taking tat path as my new career. Well somehow we need to grow.. Tats wat my big boss always said. I am growing and for tat case, im taking another way and path. Not sure wats it gonna be in the new journey but hopefully itz worth it. InsyaAllah..

Well the truth iz..... I didnt even prepare anything at all for 3rd nov!!!! Omaaaaigaaad.. Have like noooooooo idea at all wat am i going to say and do tat day. Haihhhh.. God give me ideas plsss... I need one! Had been in tne the Borders looking for references on wat i shud do but naddaaaa..yilekk. Maybe shud go to kinokuniya tomorrow after paintball..

Well maybe later..


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Woww.. It has been monthssss since i last updating any entry in my blog. So.. What have i been up to that i am totally busy n forget to blog...? Ohh as usual.. Doctorate stuff. Busy with works and research paper n life as usual. Well just got back from International Conference presenting the research paper. What a weeeeeek...! As i was sitting having my roti canai n milo o panas at mamak nearby my houz here (just done with my cardio), suddenly i remembered that 'heyy i didnt even check my blog for months now'.. Ok y not just type while having a good breakfast right.

Ive made a huge decision few weeks ago. Changing my career iz a huge deal y'all.. Thinking, i need to setle down n relax so career wise...hmm my decision would be appropriate at this time.

My bestfren had delivered a healthy baby boy...! Congrates honey.. Ahamdulillah, with all those shit talks from those shitters, u had delivered the baby without any difficulties right. No need to 'push' as well haaaa.. Haha! See what ur mum told ya. God has His own will ;)

My good fren Lins n Lans are getting married in two weeks time.. Congrates to Lins n Lans..! May the mosque u guys will be building lasts forever with His blessings n Rahmah.. Aminnn..

Opss gotta go now. Ipad battery are dying..later perhaps..