Thursday, June 21, 2012

The ipod charter that has been missing more than a year ago had been recovored! Waaaaahh super excited.. U know why? In these ipod got like thousands of songs that had been accompanied me during my rough n tough time finishing my study all alone.. Hukhukk (konon mood sedey).. Bile charge je the ipod than played it again, perhhh mcm2 memoriessssssss yg dtg balik.. Memories time susahnye study sensorang malam2 hanya bertemankan hot vanila tea(my favourite tea!) Mostly songs dlm ipod nih utk buat aku stay strong n motivate aku utk teruskan moto 'awyn, bace buku tuh!!' or ' awyn, take that notes and revise!' or 'come on i can do this!'... Still remember me n my bff leeya got a cool catchy motivate song everytime we are entering the exam hall.. Its from Anastacia 'Left Outside Alone'... That song mmg power lah! Maybe coz the voice are superbly powerful so cam semangat gile! Before masok hall mesti telinge masing2 dgn earphone memekak. Notes mmg dah xde laa.. Thats my style. Any notes n books lgsg xkan dibawa to exam coz that time tinggal tunggu bperang je.. Studying n revision has been closed once i woke up b4 going to the exam. Ohhh memoirsssss~ ok cam dah merapu je entry kali nih.. Well time to hit the sack now. Goodnite world.. Goodnite lourve of my life.. Goodniteeeeee.. Till then.. Lourve, Zara